Khabib on Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier 3, retiring at the top and coaching | MMA on ESPN


  • Mara G
    Mara G2 minuter sedan

    A living legend.

  • Sean Jordan
    Sean Jordan40 minuter sedan

    Khabib is irrelevant without McGregor.

  • J B
    J BTimme sedan

    Different breed.

  • J B
    J BTimme sedan

    Aging is a extraordinaey process where you become the person you always should of been,,,,David bowie. Khabib reached this in fight with gaethje when he refused to break his arm as folks present,,,,showed his true worth.

  • J B
    J BTimme sedan

    Conors a lag full stop,,winged it. Locked enough of his friends up ffs.

  • Riv & Reb
    Riv & RebTimme sedan

    13:15 I don't disagree with Khabib often but Football is every bit if not more dangerous than MMA those collision and brain injuries are no joke. Football is in the same league as boxing and MMA as far as being unhealthy. They put in every bit the work as fighters

  • Riv & Reb
    Riv & Reb2 timmar sedan

    I'm always drawn to Khabib's hairline, maybe it's because mine is receding. I just can't figure his out, he's almost like one of those warewolf guys that grow hair on their entire body but it stops for his face

  • GotNoCandy 4U
    GotNoCandy 4U4 timmar sedan

    Whenever I click on a Khabib video, I check out the comments. I find people simping for the guy hilarious 🤣

  • Abid Aoulad Ali
    Abid Aoulad Ali4 timmar sedan

    I love this man. What can i say.

  • Cristian Dru
    Cristian Dru4 timmar sedan

    The best, the undefeated, the truly respectfull and the champion of many hearts, the true eagle

  • saddam khan
    saddam khan5 timmar sedan

    Most logically correct sports person, love u brother

  • dongyongkim
    dongyongkim5 timmar sedan

    if Islam take a championship under khabibs tutelage too? he will go down as ONE of the greatest and most influential persons in combat sports

  • Reptile Spit
    Reptile Spit5 timmar sedan

    I think most people in the West can't even comprehend what's this guy is talking about, if they do then it's like an ideal character from a book not chasing money and fame when he is/was at his peak. Reality is following your desires and wants doesn't take you far enough.

  • randall793
    randall7937 timmar sedan

    Golden quote "you eat too much punch"

  • M alameri
    M alameri7 timmar sedan

    MEN, take an example from this man!

  • M alameri
    M alameri7 timmar sedan

    Clean life, family, Islam and honour radiates from this man.

  • polygamous1 Sozou
    polygamous1 Sozou7 timmar sedan

    one great man retired another Great man takes over, enjoy your retirement Khabib n have a long happy life, Dustin we wish you have a great happy life mate

  • Sovanmeng. V
    Sovanmeng. V7 timmar sedan

    "UFC have to get all the juice" - Khabib

  • Tenzin Jigme
    Tenzin Jigme8 timmar sedan

    Dear kabib, I am a Tibetan living in Exile,for me noby is close to u, u r a complete pound to pound fighter in the world but more than that, I see Mohummad Ali in you.....

  • Rajendra Gupta
    Rajendra Gupta10 timmar sedan

    Brett may be cleverly intelligent, khabib is honestly intelligent he accepted everything very practical guy. His conditioning by his father for these tricky situations is excellent.

  • Tomás Ó Treasaigh
    Tomás Ó Treasaigh11 timmar sedan

    He ran away because he lives with fear, you could always see how terrified he was of losing, he gave up because he has always been terrified of losing a fight.

  • MR


    5 timmar sedan

    @The Eagle also this moron is islamophobe. he hates khabib because he is muslim. leave him alone bro xD

  • MR


    5 timmar sedan

    @The Eagle he is wise man, he learnt from history. he is scared of being injured, brain damage and all if fighting too long. nothing left in 155 after he beat gaethje thats enough proof he is champion. khabib hater just want to see khabib lose or get injured/disabled.

  • The Eagle

    The Eagle

    5 timmar sedan

    He had 29 fight and after the 29th, he suddenly started being scared ! GENIUS

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy11 timmar sedan

    "The UFC will squeeze all the juice out of him until he is worthless" - Khabib

  • Tomás Ó Treasaigh
    Tomás Ó Treasaigh11 timmar sedan

    Yeah, if you talk about Khabibs god or if you even just draw a picture of him, they will kill you! I don't need advice from people that do these things, they are still in the dark ages.

  • Sam Keino
    Sam Keino12 timmar sedan

    Brett and Khabib at their very best!

  • Nemani Delaibatiki
    Nemani Delaibatiki12 timmar sedan

    Great interview. Watched the entire thing and was captivated throughout. The eagle didn’t disappoint with his answers. Legendary

  • spaghett i
    spaghett i13 timmar sedan

    'Don't focus on your opponent, focus on you." -Khabib the philosopher

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos13 timmar sedan

    Khabib is a good human, you can see he was educated by good parents, you can see the difference between someone who grew up ireland where he was given everything from young, and khabib who had to fight his way for everything

  • 2Addicted2YT
    2Addicted2YT13 timmar sedan

    This guys weird triangle neck beard is really pissing me off.

  • Cutless Fury

    Cutless Fury

    11 timmar sedan


  • Sean Dur
    Sean Dur14 timmar sedan

    No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.

  • Sean Dur
    Sean Dur14 timmar sedan

    i just dont get it how can you hate on this guy we dont even know anything about him.... he hides all hes charity's . you dont need much! this is enough to respect him .imagine conor with Khabibs mma record 29-0? lol no comments ............... with broken english hes too heavy with words and facts . >whos gonna talk he never gonna do this

  • MR


    5 timmar sedan

    yeah if Islam didnt tell people, we will never know that he funds everything for his friends

  • evo1 sc
    evo1 sc14 timmar sedan

    What an awesome interview... I love this guy 💯🙏

  • Good Solonius
    Good Solonius15 timmar sedan

    thats so funny how he thinks hes the greatest of all time and the only argument he has is that jon jones's last of his 11 title defenses was a close fight

  • Wyatt Lehman
    Wyatt Lehman15 timmar sedan

    Dude, I’m really impressed with how far his English has come.

  • Bobby Kerr
    Bobby Kerr16 timmar sedan

    When I hear Khabib speak I think wise, great,legend,respect,honor,poise, authentic.

  • TheSphinx
    TheSphinx17 timmar sedan

    4:17 "Wrestling with beers"

  • BlueCollar Mindset
    BlueCollar Mindset18 timmar sedan

    Use to be a big Connor fan he brought me into this sport but he got sloppy after the $ from Mayweather fight in my opinion. Khabib gained a fan just wish he was still fighting !

  • BlueCollar Mindset

    BlueCollar Mindset

    6 timmar sedan

    @Musa Jamal You're too late, don't jump on the band wagon stay with Connor *

  • Musa Jamal

    Musa Jamal

    9 timmar sedan

    You are too late don't be bag wagon stay with Connor

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ19 timmar sedan

    "You cant play MMA. You have to compete here with lions, if not they gonna hurt you, theyre gonna broke something, they gonna like give you knee, elbow, punch, they gonna choke you, they gonna broke your arms, they gonna broke your legs, you have to be careful of this, this sport. This is not just like regular sport."

  • Gustavo 7227
    Gustavo 722719 timmar sedan

    Khabib is a champion and a wise man. Conor is a clown and... a clown only.

  • David Lee
    David Lee20 timmar sedan

    Much respect for khabib

  • Zachary Mitchell
    Zachary Mitchell20 timmar sedan


  • Stacy Kyle
    Stacy Kyle20 timmar sedan

    Apparently, the promotion he owns is intended to be an incubator for other fight promotions (UFC in particular).

  • Harmony 23
    Harmony 2320 timmar sedan

    khabib is a great hitman!

  • Abragini84
    Abragini8420 timmar sedan

    I love how authentic he is.. He openly speaks his mind.. Calm, wise, intelligent... None of the antics.. Not trying to sell anything...

  • Алина ф п
    Алина ф п20 timmar sedan

    I love listening to Khabib talk. It is like the wisdom and kindness and conversations I have with all of my favorite people in my life. I also appreciate a person who derives his vision and wisdom from himself and that self is derived from their country, their lessons, their ancestors, their truth and from faith. Thank you Khabib!

  • kakahass
    kakahass21 timme sedan

    "But what about me. I was maul everybody"

  • kakahass
    kakahass21 timme sedan

    Ladies and gentleman this man epitomizes the values of a culture based on Honor.

  • Ummi Zain Channel
    Ummi Zain Channel21 timme sedan

    My eight times to watching this

  • Dylan Ellis
    Dylan Ellis22 timmar sedan

    Connor thin shins is done.

  • John Scott
    John Scott22 timmar sedan

    Imagine what he says in Russian about Conor McGregor I'd love this as I'm Irish Conor McGregor is no longer loved here he is a **** you are a fighter If your silent your a great actor if you speak with the volume up khabib thank you for making this dickhead lose so much I really hope Dee Devlin leaves Conor she definitely needs better

  • MR


    5 timmar sedan

    thats too much. let just hope he change to be better but well even tho its hard to believe conor will change to be better tho. he has chance but failed already. he changed after second rematch but it was all fake.

  • Faygo
    FaygoDag sedan

    I like how he keeps it real with his guys. He said if he doesnt see fire in them he tells them to get another job 😂 thats real

  • Tghy Ffhy
    Tghy FfhyDag sedan

    Khabib. Absolute moral compass of a good man. His work ethic is astonishing. He’s learned multiple languages from scratch to top it off. He is a bastion of the Muslim community and their values 👍

  • David Doyle
    David DoyleDag sedan

    Credit where credit is due he dominated the 155 division but he was massive for the division he didn’t have the bottle to move up weight to he’s natural division

  • MR


    5 timmar sedan

    Javier has said that Khabib never lose sparring session and his sparring partner are champion like DC and luke. they re not 155.

  • 2AM, BABY!!
    2AM, BABY!!Dag sedan

    How tf did cowboy serrone even make it in to the UFC 🤣

  • Dommer
    DommerDag sedan

    Khabib is not the goat. Look at his record. He’s beaten three good fighters. That’s it. Fraud

  • Machida Rock
    Machida RockDag sedan

    The mountain man 👍🏼

  • Jose Vargas
    Jose VargasDag sedan

    As an associate pastor i respect his humbleness and his respect for woman and religion.

  • Enzo Fxx
    Enzo FxxDag sedan

    Khabib is the man

  • LongLive JAH
    LongLive JAHDag sedan

    Khabib is literally amazing.

  • PrimeGlaz
    PrimeGlazDag sedan

    I get what Khabib is saying about training, You must train all the time and not just when you have an opponent. Thats how he stayed undefeated undisputed lightweight champ

  • David Long Music
    David Long MusicDag sedan

    Conor wishes he was as good a fighter and as good a person as Khabib.

  • Aram _
    Aram _Dag sedan

    I love this interview

  • bogdan vukovic
    bogdan vukovicDag sedan

    Khabib is such a legend.

  • Mst1087
    Mst1087Dag sedan

    15:20 hhhhh look how his colour face changed xD. It comes more and more red. Dude, I just love him

  • Awais Hussain
    Awais HussainDag sedan

    Alhamdulilah for Islam ☪️🦁🤝

  • TheCompCop
    TheCompCopDag sedan

    You'd have to be stupid if you thought Conor trash talking was him doing it naturally. He is losing his identity in the sport and that trash talk in the past worked for him. This time, like Khabib said, his hunger died because he got what he always wanted. Now the hunger to beat these fighters is gone. I think for his own sake he should have an easy fight and then announce his retirement.

  • Bartek B
    Bartek BDag sedan

    Stop running from Tony

  • Ye Nes
    Ye NesDag sedan

    Why did i watch this like 3 times?

  • Paddy Robinson
    Paddy RobinsonDag sedan

    Man I love this guy

  • Joshua Sanchez
    Joshua SanchezDag sedan

    Eagle has spoken

  • Abner Herrera
    Abner HerreraDag sedan

    Kabib Katana.

  • Sayed Habib
    Sayed HabibDag sedan


  • Wisam moe ali
    Wisam moe aliDag sedan

    he left early he still has a lot of energy he is in his prime

  • Amir Azad
    Amir AzadDag sedan

    Send khabib the location 🦅

  • Patrick Marquez
    Patrick MarquezDag sedan

    I love this guy: “IM GONNA SMASH YA BOY”

  • Rahul Nair
    Rahul NairDag sedan

    Let's appreciate the interviewer too for being real,that's how they should be asking right questions.

  • Flaming-Dwagon
    Flaming-DwagonDag sedan

    1.1k McCockhead fans don't like this

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojoDag sedan

    One of the wisest men I have ever heard speak. He doesn’t let emotions get involved in what he is saying. Has a lot to say. I enjoy listening to him.

  • Xeno XGodly
    Xeno XGodlyDag sedan

    How tf do you forget Justin started Tony’s losing streak?

  • Junior Kabongo
    Junior KabongoDag sedan

    Just listening to Khabib talking, he knows what one has to do to be at the pinnacle. Discipline is the recipe

  • Inko Gnito
    Inko GnitoDag sedan

    Conor should fight Ferguson. Both are on a losing steak. Let one man win

    FIGHTINGS FANDag sedan


  • bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo

    Dag sedan

    This guy changed the whole UFC mentality just like he said. People are now about respect and positivity. Not insulting each other and criminal behaviour.

    FIGHTINGS FANDag sedan


  • Football it ́s life
    Football it ́s lifeDag sedan

    9:27 a Millionaire with a watch dat looks like from Chinatown 😂 and a shirt that is so casual 💥 thats so humble. No words.

  • Football it ́s life

    Football it ́s life

    Dag sedan

    @Wau Bulan realy? Its such an ugly watch 💰💰

  • Wau Bulan

    Wau Bulan

    Dag sedan

    That watch is a collaboration between Khabib and Jacob & Co that worth 26K USD 👀

  • Julian Farquhar
    Julian FarquharDag sedan

    really good attitude

  • Bruce lee
    Bruce leeDag sedan

    Khabib is my heart my love 😥my life my everything😫😫😫😫💔 My only dream that keeps me alive everyday to and training so hard is to become Ufc champion 😑❤

  • Rick Velasquez
    Rick VelasquezDag sedan

    Yeah You are correct You are the Great. But not Greatest. You are correct nobody can beat you in division but look, you are retired and age is big factor in MMA even you are undefeated.. look Anderson Silva. The question how long you will be in prime? To consider GREATEST OF ALL TIME. JON JONES IS UNDEFEATED FOR LONG TIME. HE'S NO.1 FOR ME. SO HOW CAN U PROVE THAT YOUR NO.1 IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO FIGHT? RIGHT. We respect your opinions that you're not able to fight because your mother's want. But you are not Greatest

  • Da Feck

    Da Feck

    Dag sedan

    Jon Jones took PEDs. That should automatically take him out of the GOAT talks. Period.

  • Peter Vandermey
    Peter VandermeyDag sedan

    Connor need to shut his damm mouth... Kabib almost killed him... he needs to forget about Kabib. Just stop saying that dude name.

  • Jeremy Muir
    Jeremy MuirDag sedan

    Khabib holds himself like no other man on this earth!! He is the definition of a “loin” an absolute beast of a man that is very inspirational!!! Respect to you and your family!!!

  • Zia Kas
    Zia KasDag sedan

    I watch and read every messages meaning comments on social medias..No no ,I gonna show this guys who am I. I 🐐 will fight with your chicken 🐓 😅

  • Matk Gonzaba
    Matk GonzabaDag sedan

    Khabib fighting couldn’t be beat. Bottom line undefeated I’ve never seen him bleed never lost a round , the greatest UFC fighter that ever fought in the octagon ! True Champion The Eagle ! And he will be a great trainer of champions!

  • Medonlang Suchiang
    Medonlang SuchiangDag sedan

    Great love for khabib

  • Am Azizi
    Am AziziDag sedan

    This guy changed the whole UFC mentality just like he said. People are now about respect and positivity. Not insulting each other and criminal behaviour.

  • Brian Keane
    Brian KeaneDag sedan

    words of wisdom

  • digitalbath84
    digitalbath84Dag sedan

    How can anyone not love this man? He was a true champ, undefeated, & what ever you say about his style, this guy would be a problem for anyone, I swear he’s got back muscles in places I didn’t even know existed.

  • Sour Pickle
    Sour Pickle2 dagar sedan